Film photography in Jamaica. Photos taken in Kingston, Runaway Bay, Spanish Town and some places in between. 

One of the things I admired most about Jamaica was the lush greenery. Seriously, I was in awe at the different types of plants and trees that naturally flourish in this country. Fresh picked mangoes. Almond trees. Ackee trees all over the place. The air smelled sweet and spicy. Like pepper and a blend of fruits. I saw more bees and butterflies than I've ever seen in my life. Also, way more lizards than I'd ever like to see. 

They say that you should take photographs of what you love. Well, according to these photos I love nature. These were some of the first rolls of film that I shot with my Canon AE-1. It is a manual SLR full-frame camera. I used Kodak 400 film and Fujifilm 200. I also wasted two rolls of film because I did not press the "rewind" button before rewinding the film. [rookie mistake] Nonetheless, I'm very pleased with the results. I used shutter priority mode because the majority of these pictures were taken from the window of a moving vehicle. 

I like the way film photos look like they've been treated with an Instagram or VSCO filter.  Even the most mundane subjects can look dignified and epic on film. I did not edit any of these photos. Film forces you to focus - literally, the lens has split-prism manual focus so you cannot just point and shoot. Because of this I put a bit of thought and time into every frame. I'm not a film expert but I am learning.

Stay tuned for more film photos from yours truly

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