Why I Became a Photographer

A girl with her Canon in nature

A girl with her Canon in nature

I realized photography was more than just a friend when I was in elementary school. At a church Christmas party I received a white polar bear holding a red 35mm film camera. This is one of the only childhood gifts that I still remember, and the one I still wish I had. The other would be the Barbie Password Journal - where I held captive all of my photos and 12-year old secrets. I've always been very creative-minded. I struggled with math and science but literature and art were very natural to me.

As I got older I kept asking myself, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Photography was something that I've always done without giving it much thought. My father is a photographer and all of my computers had photoshop installed. I got an Olympus camera digital camera in high school. I used it to create the dopest Myspace profile pics. It was fun for me to play around with gradient maps and backgrounds in PS.

As I got older my cameras got better and my PS skills improved. I never gave up on my hobby because I truly enjoy photography. And if I didn't get paid a penny; I'd still do it. I like pretty things! I'm a girly girl, don't let my laid back appearance fool you. Creating visions is a blast for me. And I love the feeling I get when a client tells me that they enjoyed their shoot. I think photography is about the experience. If you feel beautiful and fun during the shoot, it will translate on camera. I'm just glad that I can share my passion with the world and get paid while doing so. 

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