Out and About: Unplugged in Vermont

I had the privilege to attend the Activation wellness retreat in Burlington Vermont and spend some time on a farm. The retreat was open to female entrepreneurs and it included yoga, vegan food, journaling and many tears. I stayed at Four Springs Farm in Royalton Vermont. It's a small farm and campground in a very rural area of Vermont. Actually all of Vermont was pretty rural to me. There was no phone service, wifi or electricity in my cabin so I really had time and space to relax (or allow paranoia to keep me awake). 

Overall Vermont seems to be a cool place to live for laid back hippie adjacent people, like myself. My Doc Marten boots and Birkenstocks are right at home. The people were very friendly and easy going. One set back, it seems like a very insulated place. There are dirt roads everywhere and spotty phone service. I'll definitely be back to visit because it's the perfect place to go off the grid for a bit. 

Although my trip was short, it was unforgettable. The retreat reminded me that my purpose doesn't have to be this grand life mission. My purpose is defined day by day, minute by minute. My purpose that weekend in Vermont? To let go of my fear --I was traveling alone. To reconnect with my own thoughts. And to be okay with being seen.